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Our Services

The Vozandes Carapungo Medical Center offers excellent medical care with the support of health professionals committed to the well-being of our patients with doctors, nurses, mental health, rehabilitation, and clinical laboratory. We also have the internal pharmacy and chaplaincy service that complement the comprehensive attention of body and spirit.

Family Practice Medicine

A clinical specialty that deals with integrated healthcare of patient and family care, with the common thread of family physician care being the life cycle of our patients.


Our renewed dental practice and the observation of health provisions allow the care of our patients with all the biosecurity measures.


It is a surgical specialty that takes care of injuries to muscles, bones, and joints.


Physical rehabilitation and occupational therapy are critical to the complete recovery of bone and joint injuries as well as the aftermath of neurological diseases.


Through integrated healthcare, that considers the body, mind, and spirit as a whole, the mental health service stands out as an important contribution to the well-being of our patients.


Our spiritual support service is one of the mainstays of care in the medical center, accompanying our patients from the perspective of the loving presence of God.

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Teléfono: (+593 2) 242-2658
Dirección: Jaime Roldos Aguilera OE 11-28, Carapungo, Quito – Ecuador
Horarios: Lunes a Viernes 07H00 a las 19H00, Sábados: 07H00 a 13H30

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